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Study: Over 50% of Pinoy IT students lack programming skills

Read the full Article here: http://newsbytes.ph/2017/02/01/study-over-50-of-pinoy-it-students-lack-programming-skills/

"...technology company, Gurango Software Corp. (GSC), administered the first Proxor examinations in the Philippines from October 2015 to September 2016."

"Proxor is an assessment tool developed by the computer science department of Carnegie Mellon University in the 1990s."

"An Unrated result means that evidence is lacking that an examinee correctly solved any of the tasks assigned in the exam."

"The results showed that 52 % of the Philippine Proxor examinees got results of Unrated. On the other hand, 0.5 % received Proxor 1 ratings, while another 4% received Proxor 2 ratings."

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